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Claim Your Feminine

A live online experience immersing you in tools and community to tap your natural, womanly resources... So you accelerate and amplify your impact, to lead and love as only you can. 

Who you are... A visionary, purpose-driven bad*ss, you take the lead wherever you go. (You can't help it, people gravitate to you). Entrepreneur, coach, mother, CEO, warrior, activist... You are here to change the world.

The problem? We are in the midst of an epidemic... of women running on empty. Here are 3 signs that you may be one them: 

So, what’s a modern-day woman-warrior visionary-queen goddess-of-change to do? 

Claim your super powers.

What will you learn and experience in this 9-week immersion? How to unlock untapped resources of energy and wisdom through strategies around what you already do, every day, to connect with your irresistible, magnetic feminine core... so you have the tools and support you need to lead and love as only you can.

The Power of Pleasure: Connect with the your body's truth - and meet your infallible, intuitive guidance system.

The Power of Receptivity: Your mind says yes, while your body may be saying no. Open to receive by learning and shifting your body’s unspoken language.

The Power of Story: M. Rukeyser writes that one woman’s truth would split the world open. What, then, billions? Learn yours, and our, untold stories.

The Power of Persuasion: Ask for what you want… and catapult your chance of getting it. Learn ninja communication tools that honor differences between how women and men operate.

The Power of Emotion: We've been taught to stuff feelings for others' comfort. Express the glorious range of your emotions, and unlock your ability to receive.

The Power of Sisterhood: Competition is dead. Our connections and collaborations will change the world. Learn powerful tools to uplift and support your sisters - and yourself.  

We'll revel in and develop strengths unique to women - intuition, collaboration, an acute sense of our interconnectedness... the breadth and depth of our emotional virtuosity... empathy and inclusiveness - the very leadership qualities needed to bring our world back into balance. 

Isn't it time?

What You Get: 

Content will be delivered virtually, in 6 LIVE sessions over 9 weeks, so you have plenty of time to practice and implement, with 9 additional LIVE weekly Q&A sessions (that’s 15 LIVE group sessions total). All sessions will be recorded, for you to keep. We will gather to share our experiments and experiences, breakthroughs and ruptures, in the private Facebook group. 

You will also receive a FREE ticket to a VIP day in Chicago. We will celebrate and root our learnings in the body, through movement, sisterhood and live "labs." This work, virtually, is lifechanging; this work, live-in-person, is incendiary.  

AND you get Lifetime Access – to the materials + Facebook group + the live calls, anytime I offer the course. That's right, I said, Lifetime Access. This is not a one-and-done process... it is a lifelong journey, a looping, honing in and you will find yourselves returning again and again to the School, the Sisterhood, and the practices.

I am taking a stand for you. For ALL of you. Which means, I am here for you for the long haul, darling.

Like, whoah

Heard enough? You're in, already? Click here.


What You'll Create

A living-out-loud life. And it's about time, because the world needs you, turned up and turned ON. 

Legendary love - with your Beloved (or Beloved-to-Be), your family and friends, and your own magnificent self.

A lifelong, connected, voluptuous sensuality

A relationship with all of the many keys of your emotional virtuosity.

Irresistible presence - and the ability to own the room if you damn well please. A presence that commands rather than demands, drawing to us the people and resources we desire with ease and grace rather than striving and efforting.

A permanent, no-going-back comfort in your own, gorgeous skin

Your own personal ecosystem, so you become that central point of gravity, less pulled and swayed by external influences and circumstances. That's right love: you will finally, utterly, trust yourself.

A lifestyle that injects pleasure everywhere, in everything – because it is our fuel and secret sauce. 

Unlimited access to uniquely feminine sources of energy and power - yours forever, because, love, you already have it: now you'll know how to tap that. ;)

Relationships with a powerful sisterhood of heart-centered, purpose-driven modern-day goddesses who are on your wavelength and who have got your back.

Ready? Let's do this. Apply here.

As Regena Thomashauer put so well, “Leadership is an inside job.” This course isn’t about “fake it til you make it,” manipulative methods for magnetizing our desires; peoples’ BS detectors are too highly refined, and we wouldn’t want those inauthentic, empty results anyway… (Another hallmark of the emerging feminine leader is her unshakable integrity.) 

This is about unearthing, accessing and wielding with grace all that is already true about you. Because that, my love, is who you are

Remember when Harry Potter got his letter of acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? 

This, my love, is your letter of acceptance to the Divine Feminine School and Sisterhood


Your investment: $997 or $197 / month for 6 months ($1,182). 

Many find the most powerful and deep-rooted transformation in a combination of group and 1-1 work. Add monthly 1-1 coaching with me at a special savings on my normal coaching rates, just for Course members!

 The only question that remains is… Are you coming? 

The next Course starts April 25, 2017. I would LOVE to see you there! 


Big Goddess hugs, 


High Priestess of Pleasure to Women Here to Change the World & Chief Correspondent from Your Happy Place 

What people are saying...

"You inspire people when you walk into a room. You give permission to people to let out who they really want to be - and you don't have to say a word!"

--Fabienne Fredrickson, Boldheart

"Freddy (my partner) and I call Charisse the pleasure queen. If you want to elevate your pleasure capacity and let go of what may be holding you back, Charisse is the woman to learn from."

--Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, TantraNova Institute

So first of all you’re going to look really beautiful after spending [time] with these beautiful women. They’re all lit from inside. The biggest thing I’m taking away is connectedness, to myself, to my baby, to these other beautiful women that are here and connectedness to all women, back to myself, and why I’m here. You can’t ask for more than that."

--Kimberly Robb Baker, This Little Brand

Charisse's ability to capture the spirit of feminine energy is unbelievable… I felt like I got in touch with femininity from so many different ways. Through movement, and through conversation and connection with other women, and exercises we did. It really opened up a whole new energy and way of approaching my daily life that is going to make some huge shifts. … I am so grateful that I did it, and I think that everyone who is looking for transformation should find a way to connect with Charisse."

--Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach

“It was so wonderful to get in touch with the essentials of who I am as a person, and to remind myself what’s really important to me as a woman. And I come away from [working with Charisse] feeling energized and excited about taking that one step, what is the one thing I can do today to help me to get what I want... To nourish myself as a woman."

--Kristin Johnson, Profession Direction

"I am deeply, deeply touched by the circle that was created, and the openness of each person. The sisterhood that has happened. One of my takeaways is how empowering and sexy it is for a woman to say what she really wants."

--Radka S.

"You helped build my confidence and strut like I haven't done in years. There was most certainly a response in how I was carrying myself differently. I loved the smiles and hellos. I must have been more approachable. You were an important step in my revival. I thank you so much for your part in my repairing, rebuilding and finding myself."


"It's very rare that I give myself a 'lil me time especially when my plate is so full. But I'm glad I did! I was so exhausted after moving and overwhelmed with work and just not in the best mindset. Experiencing you and your teachings moved me to a better place and I awoke feeling more empowered and ready to be 'the writer of my day.' I'm carrying that with me into today and moving forward."

--Christina C.

p.s. Hagrid is not coming to take you to School on his magical Harley… ;) (And oh yes, you can take that as my calling you a witch! And a powerful one at that!!) You are the only one who can get you there. Join the Course here

p.p.s. Still have questions? No worries, love – click here to schedule a quick, virtual chat to determine if the Course is a good fit for you.